Preparing your lawn for summer

summer lawn

Preparing your lawn for summer

Summer is coming – So time to start thinking about your summer lawn!

Yes, winter is gone and spring is here, but how do we handle and prepare our lawn for summer?

Some easy tips can help your lawn survive the heat we are all about to experience, so follow this guild to help your lawn thrive for summer.

Firstly – Mowing.

Regular mowing is essential from here on in to prepare for your summer lawn.  It almost doesn’t matter the type of grass you have, from manicured Tall Fescue or Kykuyu to wild grass that you have no idea what is in the mix, it now needs to be mown at a longer height. This allows it some protection when the sun tries to dry it out in the lead up to and over the summer season. You can increase your lawn height by mowing yourself, or getting the team from Casey Garden Services to come down and do it for you.

Keep in mind, your lawn will need more mowing now as it needs to be mowed at a longer height and will be growing back much faster to improve for summer.

Plus, not only will a longer lawn keep your grass healthy for summer, the extra height also really encourages the lawn to keep out any weeds. If it is mown too short the weeds take a hold a lot easier. A double win for you!

Secondly – Watering.

Most weeks of the year an established lawn will only need one watering per week, but with Melbourne’s rainy weather you may not need to some weeks. However in preparation for your summer lawn and over summer you will need to give your grass a nice long deep soak. This will actually use less water than watering regularly for a short time, and is a lot healthier for your summer lawn! It encourages deep root systems that will survive the summer heat and dry much better – Another double win for your lawn!

Thirdly – Weeding.

Remove whatever weeds you can now! This allows your grass to take their place during the growing season before summer takes a hold. You can pull them all by hand, or use a reliable selective broad leaf herbicide. A selective herbicide will kill off any broad leaf weeds and leave your grass alone. Casey Garden Services can help in this area, with many years’ experience in handling these products.

Follow these helpful tips on how to prepare for your summer lawn to ensure you grass survives and thrives this summer!

Contact Shane: 0419 905 534 or Rohan: 0438 585 051 for a free quote and let us create a maintenance plan for your lawn mowing today! Head to our services page to find out more about what Casey Garden Services can do for your garden.