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Wow – A Heatwave in November! The experts are telling us that for the first time since records have been kept, November will record seven days in a row over 28 degrees in Melbourne.  Warning us all of a long hot summer. So what does this mean?
Summer is coming - So time to start thinking about your summer lawn! Yes, winter is gone and spring is here, but how do we handle and prepare our lawn for summer? Some easy tips can help your lawn survive the heat we are all about to experience, so follow this guild to help your lawn thrive for summer.
Let us help your Garden Spring to Life with our tips on how to prepare your Garden for Spring. Spring is the season to set up your garden for a great show, or maybe just get it organised and tidy before all the new growth appears. To have a great Spring garden you must give it a Spring clean!! That's right, Spring cleaning is not just for inside, even your garden needs a tidy over the beautiful Spring season to ensure new growth can thrive.