Lawn Mowing Service

CGS offer a local lawn mowing service across South East Melbourne.    Our team of locals mow residential lawns, commercial lawns and also provide other gardening services.  We will take the hard work off your hands and leave you with a lawn you will love.

We know that every time you cut your grass you’re paving the way for your lawn’s success or failure.  Mow your lawn correctly, and you’ll create turf that’s healthy, drought-tolerant and thick enough to avoid weeds. Mow incorrectly, and your lawn will struggle to survive. As a result, it is important to give your lawn a lot of care during the lawn mowing process so that it remains healthy for time to come. This is what CGS will do for you, we take the hard work off your hands and leave you with a lush turf.

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Why choose our lawn mowing services?

At CGS, we believe that lawn mowing is more than cutting your grass, it plays a fundamental role in maintaining your garden. Here is what our lawn mowing services include:


  • Lawn health – At CGS we understand how different factors influence the way your lawn grows and how it should be mown. Our franchisees provide their professional expertise when mowing your lawn so that it is stays healthy.


  • Attention to detail – We look beyond just the lawn that we are mowing and notice the small things like the plants along the side of the lawn. Our staff are careful that these details remain safe during the mowing process.


  • Expert advice – Our staff are all experts in understanding the needs of your lawn and provide expert advice in maintaining your lawn in a beautiful condition. Feel free to ask them any questions!


  • Quality service – Giving a quality and reliable service is at the heart of all our work. We follow a process from the beginning stage of setting up to cleaning up as we finish so that you can feel the quality in our work.


  • Competitive pricing – We believe in offering our customers a good price for our quality services. As a result, our lawn mowing services are priced competitively with other players in the industry.

Our services are for residential and commercial customers, so no matter the requirements of your lawn, CGS will have you covered. Our expert staff will assess the needs of your lawn and help you maintain it in a beautiful and healthy condition. Contact us today for a quote for your lawn mowing needs.

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Looking for garden services beyond lawn mowing? Not to worry – CGS covers a range of services! Here are our other garden services:

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