Autumn Flower Planting Guide By CGS

Autumn flower planting guide by CGS

Autumn Flower Planting Guide By CGS

With the sting of the summer sun behind us, autumn can offer an opportune time for some TLC for your garden. This trans-seasonal period may seem problematic for your garden with such varying temperatures, however there are still plenty of flowers that can thrive during the autumn season. Our autumn gardening tips will also help you prepare for the new season and have your garden flourishing by spring!

Autumn flower planting guide

Here is our list of flowers to plant in autumn that can flourish in the cooler months –

Hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus are perfect for warm and sheltered autumn garden beds or tubs. Hibiscus flowers present beautiful, bold flared petals to add a pop of colour to your garden this season. Planting these flowers in autumn is ideal so they have time to establish their roots before winter sets in. They grow best in well-drained and slightly acidic soil and also grow well in pots. Hibiscus flowers like to be watered regularly and respond well to fertiliser.


Pruning roses in mid-summer can produce a beautiful autumn flower show. Our how to prune roses guide has the details on how best to go about this process. Roses are also a great flower to plant in autumn for a beautiful splash of colour in your garden. Roses thrive in soil that has been enriched with compost or manure organics. They are also prone to fungi spores in autumn, so regularly spraying your roses with alternating fungicides fortnightly, can help reduce the growth of fungus.

Roses are beautiful flowers that flourish in the cooler months


When it comes to autumn flowers, chrysanthemums offer a range of bold and beautiful colours including yellow, purple, pink, bronze and white. Their flowers are long-lasting and can keep up to three weeks in a separate vase. Chrysanthemums grow best in open, sunny positions in the garden and prefer well-drained soil enriched with compost or organic matter. They prefer the cold to moderate climate and are best suited away from wind exposure.


This beautiful plant is a great flower to plant in autumn, as it can attract bees and beneficial insects to its flowers. They flower during summer as well as autumn and produce a range of colours from purple, pink white or hybrid. Echinacea prefer sunny to light shade positions with well-drained soil and are frost hardy in the cooler months.

We hope our autumn flower planting guide helps to make your garden pop this season. If you need assistance with your garden or lawns, CGS can assist with all of your garden needs. Give us a call or book in a service with us today.