Autumn Gardening

Gardening in autumn

Autumn Gardening

With the weather slowly cooling down, it is time to start thinking about autumn gardening. During this time period, gardens (just as we do!) generally feel the relief after a hot summer as there is not as much sting in the sun. However, this year in Victoria (particularly the South East) it’s a little different. The summer has been very tropical in turn encouraging extreme growth our lawns and gardens alike. With the weather changing up the regular pattern, we have put together a couple of things to consider when you do your autumn gardening this year!


It is now time to think about pruning (probably out of necessity) and cutting back where we can. We recommend making some room in evergreen trees and plants alike as this helps prepare them for the winter before the real chill sets in. It is also a great idea to dead head any flowering plants and hope for a final bloom before the warmer seasons are truly over with.

Feeding and fertilising

A big part of autumn gardening is feeding and fertilising. Applications of food gives your plants a boost during any time of the year. However, it is much more important before the cold settles in as it helps strengthen the plants to endure the cold winter ahead.

Harvesting and planting

If you have a veggie patch, there is a lot for you to do! You will need to harvest your summer crops and also start planting your autumn crops. Think about vegetables such as beans, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, onions, and parsnips etc. Veggies during winter virtually look after themselves, so plant away!

If planning on any bulbs this year, now is the time. A good rule of thumb is to plant the bulbs on St Patricks day, but a little later won’t hurt either, especially this year.

Maintaining lawns

Lawns also need a feed during this time. The hectic growing that took place this summer will eventually slow, and in order to have a nice green lawn in the warmer months, it is important to take care of it. We recommend nourishing your lawn before the soil gets too cold for the feed to do any good.

Remember to keep mowing the lawns regularly as it is still growing, tidy up leaf litter and the like as it gives your lawn room to breathe. Lastly check and remove any weeds that have managed to sneak in over summer; your lawn will love you for it in the coming months.

Garden Beds

Finally, it’s time again to add some mulch to those garden beds. The fresh colour will lift the look of your garden over the darker winter months, and help your garden survive the winter.


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