How to prepare your outdoor space for a successful house sale

How to prepare your outdoor space for a successful house sale

Planning on selling your home?
Here’s the top 5 tips on how to get garden ready.

Selling your home is an exciting yet sometimes overwhelming task. There are many things to consider when it comes to putting your house on the market; your garden and outdoor area being important ones! Your garden and outdoor area are a reflection of what your home will be like on the inside. Set yourself up with the best opportunity of selling your house by allowing any potential buyers to have a great initial impression. It is inevitable that an outstanding outdoor space and garden will promote a more positive and welcoming mindset once entering the home.
Below we have outlined 5 helpful hints and tips on how to prepare your outdoor space for a successful house sale.

Person in garden mowing lawn

1- Lawn Mowing & Weeding

A very simple and obvious tip, but one that people often underestimate its importance is mowing the lawn. A mowed law makes a huge difference in the overall standard of your home and is best done as close to inspection as possible. Give our team at Casey Garden Services a call and book in a mow close to inspection or auctions days to save you time and stress when getting your home ready. Eliminating weeds can also make a big difference, so hire our team to assist with weed removal or get the weed puller out and eliminate any of the pesky weeds amongst your lawn yourself! Casey Garden Services are experienced in mowing and weed removal and always leave your yard clean and tidy after we’ve been – so you can relax knowing you’ve left this job to someone else.

Person pruning hedges outside with gloves

2- Tidy Plants

It is important you remove dead plants and tame any unruly branches. Rake up all fallen leaves and debris to ensure your garden area is as tidy as possible. To go above and beyond you could reapply mulch to your garden beds and pot plants to ensure it’s at its most attractive. If pruning and branch removal isn’t something you enjoy, why not hire our team to come in and do a once-over the garden before the home inspections begin.

Person high pressure hosing outdoor pathway

3- High-Pressure Cleaning

Giving any pavement or concrete areas a once-over with the pressure washer is an easy way to clean up your outdoor area ready for sale. Invest in a high-pressure hose and pressure clean any mossy areas, dirty pavements or concrete areas. Clear away any remaining spider webs, nests or bird droppings. While you are at it, also give your windows a wash so they are crystal clear for inspection day. The garden will be starting to look so good; you won’t want to move out!

Outdoor entertaining space with chairs on deck

4- Rubbish Removal

Eliminate all rubbish in your outdoor space to optimize your space and allow for a tidy impression. Remove any clutter by limiting the amount of furniture, ornaments or tools on display and ensure walkways are not blocked. Position as much as you can out of sight, especially those belongings that are personal as this may deter an individual from envisioning themselves in your space.

Staining deck with oil applicator

5- Painting & Staining

Give your exterior surfaces a face lift by repainting any pergolas and outdoor structures. If you have decking it could also be worth reoiling or varnishing. Check out this easy article on how to stain your deck here. Make sure that if you have a pool that it’s clean and if you have pets ensure that their area is tidy. If your budget is allowing, add mirrors to maximize the feel of your space or purchase new cushions to freshen up the area. Furthermore, replacing any chipped or damaged tiles and pavers will really improve the overall look of your outdoor space and ultimately increase the value of your home also.

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To summarise, there are 5 easy steps on how to prepare your outdoor space for a successful house sale; mow and weed the lawn, tidy plants, high-pressure clean pavements and walkways, remove any rubbish and update the paint and staining on outdoor areas. If you need a hand getting your garden area ready for sale, give our friendly team at CGS Lawn Mowing and Gardening a call and we can take the stress of getting the outdoor area organised off your hands.