Wow – A Heatwave in November!

Wow – A Heatwave in November!

Wow – A Heatwave in November!

The experts are telling us that for the first time since records have been kept, November will record seven days in a row over 28 degrees in Melbourne.  Warning us all of a long hot summer. So what does this mean?

Well at Casey Garden Services we have some tips.

Mulching is essential.

The mulch in your garden bed is the main form of defence from the dry, harsh weather, trapping the moisture in and making the effort of watering all the more worthwhile. Did you know that a well applied layer of mulch can reduce watering requirements by up to 60%?

A standard rule of thumb for mulch is approximately 5cm ( or two inches ) for your flower and vegetable gardens.

However, too much mulch can be more harmful than good as it can trap too much moisture in and block aeration to the soil. So keep the thickness correct and turn the mulch over from time to time, ensuring air reaches where it needs to.

Trees can handle a little more mulch, but remember, mulch can cause the surface roots to rot in trees as well. Always allow a little room between the mulch and the tree base, and keep it to about 6 -7 cm thick.

Calculating the amount you need to purchase can be a little tricky, but basically it is a maths formula –

Length x Width x Depth for a square or rectangle.

This formula will do for most gardens, even though not many of our gardens are exactly square, you can guestimate to a really close amount from that formula.  At the very least it will save you from ordering way, way too much or too little.

All you have to do now is choose the style of mulch.  The choice is really varied these days , so choose a style and colour to suit your garden and house.  But don’t forget, the more distinct  the mulch in colour, the more the weeds will stand out once they appear. Some mulch can act like a canvas backdrop highlighting your beautiful plants, or if you fall behind in the maintenance , also highlighting the weeds.


If you follow our tips regularly you will know that we always recommend a good long watering less frequently over a short shallow watering regularly. So water every couple of days, even in the heat, but water for longer ensuring the water penetrates deep into the soil. This reduces evaporation from the heat and protects the plant for longer. And you will actually use less water, minimising the ever increasing water bills.

Sun Protection will vary from plant to plant and tree to tree.

Hopefully your garden is positioned well for the conditions – plants that like the sun placed where they will receive it and plants that don’t positioned in towards the shade. It is critical at the design stage to get it right, if you don’t your garden will tell you pretty quickly. And that’s ok! All gardens are a work in progress and a series of solving one problem after another.

At Casey Garden Services we offer a qualified horticulturalist service to come and help with your design and plant requirements. So don’t hesitate to ask.

Good Luck in the coming summer weather. If you are unsure, ask for help. Improving your garden is only a phone call away!

Contact Shane: 0419 905 534 or Rohan: 0438 585 051