Preparing your Garden for Spring

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Preparing your Garden for Spring

Let us help your Garden Spring to Life with our tips on how to prepare your Garden for Spring.

Spring is the season to set up your garden for a great show, or maybe just get it organised and tidy before all the new growth appears.

To have a great Spring garden you must give it a Spring clean!! That’s right, Spring cleaning is not just for inside, even your garden needs a tidy over the beautiful Spring season to ensure new growth can thrive.


We have a quick checklist you can follow to ensure your garden is ready for Spring, so make sure you follow this guide when you are in your garden next:

  1. Get all the leaf litter and debris removed from garden beds and lawns.
  2. Prune and hedge where required, making sure this is done before all the new buds appear, encouraging the growth where you want it.
  3. Remove any unwanted growth from plants and trees and any dead or struggling branches etc.

Tidying is excellent to do in your Garden for Spring to not only make the garden look more appealing, but to prepare your garden for new plants and growth. However, one key factor when planting in your Garden for Spring is time.


Here in the South East of Melbourne we have had a lot of rain lately, and the temperature hasn’t started to warm up, with bursts of sun only popping out occasionally.

The best time to plant is just as the ground temperature warms up to about 16 degrees, so if you’re planning on adding new plants to your Garden for Spring we suggest you wait until October/November. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t start planning!

Fertilising, what plants you want to plant and where you want to place them all need to be planned and researched before you begin – So much to do, and so little time in our busy lives!

If you want a beautiful Spring garden but don’t have the time or experience to maintain and create the look you want, call Casey Garden Services to make your life that little bit easier – Shane: 0419 905 534 or Rohan: 0438 585 051