5 Things To Do To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

5 things to do to prepare your garden for winter

5 Things To Do To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Winter is coming! It’s time to get your garden ready for the cold winter months. This blog outlines 5 things to do to prepare your garden for winter so that it stays healthy looking great during the cold, rainy season.


As the air gets colder, the rain gets heavier and the clouds become thicker, it’s easy to put off looking after your garden. During the winter, it’s quite common for people to neglect their garden and let it get out of control. It’s too cold most days to think about getting your hands dirty in your backyard. And of course, winter brings more rain making it hard to find a clear day to mow the lawn. But there are things you can do to prepare your garden for winter and avoid letting your garden getting out of control!


5 things to do to prepare your garden for winter


 1. Remove invasive weeds


If you know that you’re not likely to be out doing the weeding during winter, now is the time to get out there and make sure you don’t have any large invasive weeds growing in your garden. Removing weeds will help with the longevity of your plants/garden during winter. If you remove all large weeds from the root, they will be less likely to return and your plants will be more likely to thrive!


2. Clear out any rotting or dying plants


Improve the overall appearance of your garden by removing any dead plants or any plants on their way out. This will also help free up space for your other plants to thrive! If you don’t get much of a chance to maintain the appearance of your garden during winter, at least there will be less clutter made up of dead plants in your garden.


3. Mulch


Replenishing the mulch in your garden beds can help your plants in several ways during the winter. Mulch helps inhibit weeds, protect soil from erosion and reduce the effects of temperature change on your plants. As the weather gets colder, the temperature of the soil changes which can affect the health of a plant. Make sure you’ve added a nice thick layer of mulch to your garden before June comes around!


4.Prepare your lawn


Make the most of the last few weeks of clear days with no rain and make sure your lawn is mowed. Don’t go crazy though – if you cut your grass too short it won’t be protected from the frost. Fertilizing your lawn can help it during the cooler months too.


5. Clean up!


Clean up all the leaves that have fallen during autumn when preparing your garden for winter. Get your rake out and clean up any leaves, sticks and branches that have fallen. Cleaning up your garden will avoid blockages in your garden and drains caused by fallen leaves – you won’t want to be cleaning up wet leaves in the rain!



Loved these tips on how to get your garden ready for winter but don’t have the time to do all of this at your place? Contact Casey Garden Services today! We come to you and get your garden looking its best. We can help you prepare your garden for winter, so you don’t have to!




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