How CGS has been gardening during COVID-19

How CGS has been gardening during COVID-19

How CGS has been gardening during COVID-19

CGS has spent its time gardening during COVID-19! While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us, CGS have been working around the situation. We aim to continue to do the best for our customers’ gardens while keeping safe.

Since CGS works outside, we have had the advantage of being protected from the risks that arise from working in enclosed spaces. In addition to this, we have also taken other measures to keep staff and customers safe during this pandemic.

Here is how CGS has been gardening during COVID-19


Arranging two vehicles for staff where possible

As part of maintaining social distancing, we have been arranging two vehicles for our staff where possible. This has helped our franchisees work as a team with staff while reducing the risk of contact. We also maintain a safe distance, as recommended by the government, while out on jobs.

Installing hand sanitisers in vehicles

In addition to increasing the number of vehicles we have been taking more vehicles during this pandemic, we have also installed hand sanitisers and other disinfectants in our vehicles to keep hands and surfaces bacteria-free. CGS are committed to keeping our staff safe and healthy so that as a team, we can keep gardening during COVID-19.

Maximising “non-contact” visits with customers

We have also ensured that we protect the health of our customers by arranging contactless visits. CGS have been able to achieve this for our customers by discussing their needs in detail beforehand. As we know the details, we can get straight to work without having to talk to our customers face-to-face.


While our business has slowed over the past few months, we are grateful that we have been able to keep all our staff. We are committed to looking after all our connected people, staff, tradespeople who rely on us to work together in bringing the best for your garden.

Looking for work during COVID-19? Become a CGS Franchisee! We value flexibility and give all our franchisees control of their hours and income. As part of the induction process, we offer a paid comprehensive training program to ensure that you feel confident in this industry. We provide all our franchisees support and a safe working environment so that we can all keep gardening during COVID-19 and beyond! Learn more about becoming a CGS Franchisee.