Holiday Garden Care

holiday garden care

Holiday Garden Care

Happy New Year to everyone and, possibly for some, welcome back to “the-real-world.” Hopefully everybody had a lovely break or getaway and we are now back ready for the new challenges this year! It did strike us while we were away that we don’t always consider our holiday garden care and garden maintenance while we are on holidays.

To ensure your garden stays happy and healthy while you are holidaying, we have listed some really easy tips to help your garden survive while you are away that are not only quick to implement, but can save your plants and garden.

Mow your lawn as late as possible.

This is one of the main holiday garden care tips we highly recommend. Make sure lawns are mown as late as possible before you leave, and for long holiday goers, organise Casey Garden Services to do it for you while you’re away. It is a great feeling coming home to a clean and tidy home, inside and out, and we will look after your garden as if it’s our own while your relaxing on your trip.

Water as late as possible before you leave.

We always advise that you water less often but for longer, ensuring deep water penetration so the roots are encouraged to dig deep. This will ensure your garden stays hydrated while you’re on holidays.

Take care of your pots and planters.

To ensure holiday garden care for all your pots and planters there can be a few options. We prefer to sit them in a very shallow pool of water, maybe only an inch deep so you don’t have concerns of drowning. You can use a little kiddies pool, sandpit shell or even your wheelbarrow. This allows the plant to soak the water up through the pot base as it is needed and keeps a constant level of moisture in the plant.

The other great option is a watering device such as a watering globe or bottle. These are readily available at your hardware store, or you can easily make your own. A soft drink bottle full of water, or even better a wine bottle (that of course someone will have to help you empty so you can use it!) Fill them with water and plunge the neck as deep as you can into the pot. The water will soak into the potting mix and find its own required level. Then over the holiday it will slowly leak into the pot as it is required ensuring the potting mix retains at least some level of moisture.

Find a garden mate.

Easy said, however,  is often a huge favour to ask a friend or family member. Having someone who can come around and water your garden once or twice while you are away can make a huge difference! As a boy I was paid some pocket money every year by a neighbour to water their garden while they went on holidays.  I loved the money and they loved the garden when they got home. Maybe you have a neighbour with a young member of the family looking for a few extra holiday dollars? Don’t over load you garden mate, keep it simple with the instructions, or you may never get them back for future holiday garden care.

Organise Casey Garden Services to maintain your garden while you’re away.

The best thing about a holiday is the rest and relaxation.  Don’t let all that relaxing be ruined by coming home to a mess and a problem!  Get Casey Garden Services to maintain your lawns and gardens to make sure it is mown neat and tidy on your return, and ensure the garden is weed free and not out of control.  It will top off the great holiday to come home and find your home looking fantastic!

Contact Shane: 0419 905 534 or Rohan: 0438 585 051. We can organise a really easy and affordable programme to maintain your lawns and gardens.