Australian Summer Gardening Tips by CGS

Australian summer gardening tips by CGS

Australian Summer Gardening Tips by CGS

Summer is a great opportunity to spend time in your garden and rejuvenate your plants. With lovely weather and time up your sleeve post-Christmas, there is nothing more like spending an afternoon gardening. CGS has compiled a list of summer gardening tips suitable for Australian summers. Our tips are garnered towards the unique summer weather Australia has so that you can be sure they account for your garden.

Here are 5 top Australian summer gardening tips by CGS!

Australian Summer Gardening Tips


Watering your plants

It is important to keep your plants hydrated during the summer months. Summer is very dry in Australia, especially in southern states such as Victoria, so having a regular watering schedule keeps your plants hydrated. Ensure you water early on in the day so plant foliage has time to dry over the course of the day. The combination of warm weather and moisture gives way to fungus, so watering earlier helps prevent mildew!

Keep your pot plants cool

Pot plants, especially plants in terracotta pots, are prone to overheating in the warmer months. The earthen material of these pots heats up slowly, but on the other hand, they also maintain heat for much longer periods. As a result, your plants in these pots are the first parts of your garden that are likely to overheat in summer. You can keep maintain a cooler temperature for these pot plants by moving them to a shaded area and watering them regularly.

Feeding your garden

Next up in our summer gardening tips is providing your garden with nutrients. In the dry, warm weather that is prevalent in Australian summers, it is important to rejuvenate your garden with the nutrients they miss out on. Mulch is a great way to help soil retain its moisture. Another great idea is to add soluble nutrients to your water and water your plants with this mixture to ensure your plants get as much as they can from their watering session.

Spend time pruning

Pruning is an essential gardening activity to help your garden healthy. Cut away dead blooms on your flower or fruit plants to help them regrow healthier the next time. It is also important to clear away debris and weeds from your plants to ensure your plants can retain the nutrients you are providing them. This process helps keep your garden healthy while enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space. It’s a tip with an abundance of benefits!

Work early or later in the day

In addition to taking care of your garden during the warmer months, it is important to take care of yourself! The last of our Australian summer gardening tips is ensuring you stay safe when you are gardening in the summer. Australian summers are well known for their heatwaves, so it is best you work when it’s cool. A good rule of thumb is to work early in the day before 10 AM before the temperature starts heading for its peak, and after 5 PM when the day starts to cool down again.


We hope you enjoyed these Australian summer gardening tips! CGS offers gardening services to help you maintain your garden in premium condition. Contact us today to get your garden well looked after by our professional gardeners.